Root Canal Therapy


hen decay is left untreated, it infiltrates the pulp of the tooth -- the soft tissue inside your teeth that contains blood vessels and nerves. This bacterial invasion of decay causes the pulp to become infected, inflamed, and ultimately die. When we diagnose this problem, in most cases we can perform a root canal without sending you to a different dentist or office. Root canal therapy consists of removing the infected pulp, then cleaning and sealing the pulp chamber and root canal. It will allow you to keep your natural tooth for longer. This procedure will also keep the infection from spreading to other areas of the mouth or causing life-threatening swelling of head or neck.

By using the latest techniques and technology to perform this procedure, we can complete most treatments in just one visit. For patients anxious about the procedure, we offer nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, to help you relax.

The professionals at Artistic Works Dentistry provide thorough explanations for all treatments to ensure that you are comfortable with the procedures. We also discuss treatment options to help you choose the best solution for you or your family member.