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    We all live a busy life. In today’s society, it’s almost impossible not to have an on-the-go lifestyle.  But, in the midst of fast-paced living, we have to be certain to take care of ourselves, starting with our smile.  From that first sip of coffee and taste of hot oats in the early morning to that evening tea and sweet dessert, effective oral health care must take place in order to prevent decay and tooth loss from gum disease.

    Many believe that cavities are only formed by consumption of candy and sugary sodas.  This is far from the total truth. In actuality, cavities can be caused by many foods if proper oral health care is not practiced.  It’s not always what you consume, but rather it’s what you do following any meal or snack.  The good news is that with some simple practices in place each day, you can preserve your smile and oral health.

    Think about it this way.  Each day, we wake up, grab a bite to eat, and start our day.From that moment, our focus is on what lies ahead, not our teeth. We’re absent to the fact that our early morning breakfast, mid-day lunch, and all snacks in between are breaking down our smile.  The natural bacterium from our mouth combined with any food, sweet or not, creates acid.This acid  begins to dissolve the tooth enamel, causing a breakdown of the tooth and, thus, forming a cavity.

    To intervene and protect your teeth, it’s ideal to brush after every meal.  If you are unable to take a moment and brush immediately after, the next best thing is to simply rinse with water after meals, snacks, or sugary drinks. Creating the habit of rinsing with water will help neutralize the formation of acid.At minimum, brushing in the morning and before bed accompanied by daily flossing will assist with maintaining appropriate dental hygiene.In addition, to better maximize your oral health protection, limit your intake of sugary and starchy foods, as well as sticky foods. These foods do not rinse away as easily as other foods.Frequency of consuming food or drinks is also important to prevent acid attacks.Your teeth exposed to less acid when the item is consumed all at once. Therefore, remember it is better for your teeth to drink a sweetened ice tea at one sitting or with a meal than to sip all day.  Preventative care is that simple.

    Proper and effective oral health care is an essential daily practice.In fact, it can help in the prevention of plaque build-up, cavities, gum disease, and numerous oral complications.Taking the time out of your busy schedule to brush and rinse can help preserve the smile you want for years to come.


    Adrienne Williams, DDS

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